Tenant Representation

Serving San Diego and the Imperial Valley for over 35 years, the Enduring Real Estate Team has placed the best in class retailers throughout the market in hundreds of shopping centers, malls, street retail, lifestyle centers and in the urban core. Through relationships, reputation, and a passion for the retail experience, we provide the latest tools and opportunity for each unique retail concept to obtain optimal sales performance and market penetration. Engaging personal service and duty to client create deep and ENDURING relationships.

Beautiful beaches, and near perfect weather, don’t necessarily drive sales. With an overall retail vacancy rate that has loomed at 4% for many years, (among the lowest vacancy in the county) we study the streets. Traffic patterns, shopping habits, demographics, psychographics and shifting inventory are dynamic aspects of the 8th largest city in the U.S and we KNOW it.

Retailing is more fast paced than ever, and anticipating Change is the new normal, whether for a native digital brand, experiential concept, or established service provider our persistence and creativity provide tangible results.